Ten Minute Stuff Site

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Image by Curious Expeditions via Flickr

Address:  http://www.wix.com/tenmin10/ten-minute-programming

The particular site presents a Wix presentation titled “Ten Minute Programming: The Heart of Ten Minute Programming Stuff”.  Actually the site itself gives very little attention to Ten Minute Programming.  Supported by WIX development system, this site gives special attention to the presentation of two videos from YouTube.  The videos are:

  • Railroading in Cookeville
  • Circus! Theme Music

The Ten Minute Stuff site takes it’s inspiration from the Ten Minute Programmer Story page.  This short story is the basic tool for presenting the fudamental principles of the Ten Minute Programming approach to incremental programming.  The basic principle of Ten Minute Programming is, “Never write a program that takes more that ten minutes to write.  At least this version of the program.”  Closely associated with this statement if the related statement, “Of course, it may take more than one ten minutes.”

The emphasis is to break a larger software development project into a number of smaller, simoler tasks that can be completed in approximately ten minutes.  Actually, the concept gives even more flexibility when it is admitted that you may take:

  • Ten Minutes to Conceptualize the probles
  • Ten Minutes to Code the program
  • Ten Minutes to Debug the program

I realize that this really works out to thirty minutes but the statement about Ten Minute Programming just seemed to be a bit more appealing.