Jim’s Additional Information Site

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Address: http://www.jmcontents.info/

This site demonstrates a simple site developed with the support of the Joomla Content Management system.  The articles are based on materials developed by Jim and are intended for demonstration purposes only.

Content management systems give emphasis on the separation of the development of the structure of the site and the content provided on the site.  In essence this provides support for the view of web site development as having two primary development and support elements:

  • Architecture
  • Content

My Reading List

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Address: http://www.jmcontents.info/myreadinglistdb/

This site provides an example of a web supported on-line relational data base.  The database was developed with the software generation tool ‘PHP Magic Plus’ from ‘Website Databases’.  This generated the HTML code and the server side scriping code in the PHP language.  The database management system used in MySQL.

The application includes four tables with relationships between the tables.  Security and access control for on-line access was implemented with the services of the PHP Magic Plus product.

This application is intended for demonstration purposes only and not for production.

Jim’s Primary Site

Address: www.jimmurch.info

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This web site serves as Jim’s Primary Web site and represents a variety of Jim’s interest.  The content here is more stable that many of Jim’s other sites as they are used primarly for testing new concepts or techniques.  Jim’s “About | Contact” information is also located here on the Primary Web Site.  The ‘Other Information’ page of this site gives access, through the use of hyperlinks, to most of the other sites that Jim is using.  Note that these other sites are commonly hosted on additional servers and include quite different features than does WordPress or the Primary Web Site.

See you at the Primary Site.